Water Recycling Equipment

We are your cleaning and recycling water experts since 1998 in the Caribbean area. Our company offers waste water treatment and grease removal systems as a cost-effective alternative solution. We cover residential and commercial services. Our goal is to satisfy our customer needs with eco-friendly treatment solutions.

You can count on us for installing high-technology waste water management systems at affordable prices. Once your wastewater treatment system is installed, we provide you unparalleled service. SIR Water Management Ltd. offers PLC monitoring, or 24x7 Cromawatch.

CromaFlow Inc. has introduced one of the industry’s first central station monitoring wastewater treatment system. With the use of telecommunications and dedicated people, CromaFlow Inc and the Servicing Distributor are all notified if a treatment unit malfunction.

Water Recycling Equipment

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Waste Water management solution

The microprocessor is built into the CromaFlow Inc System. This 24-hour monitor will relay to the control center computer. An on-duty operator will then call to report a CromaWatch activity. This will assure you a prompt response to a malfunction.


Our experienced, courteous and trained staff will be glad to come to your location, assess your needs and develop a strategy to cope with your industrial wastes at affordable prices. Maintenance contracts are offered to take away the hassle of day-to-day operation, keeping systems way above the standards set by regulatory bodies.


Regular testing includes BOD, TSS chloroform, e-Coli, Nitrates and Phosphorous, Chlorine and pH monitoring. All of this is documented daily to develop trends. This in turn helps to develop a periodic maintenance plan to ensure that your system and your business is working at optimum levels and saving you maximum dollars.