Water Storage Tanks

With the increasing need for clean drinking water and irrigation storage for farming use, CROMAFLOW offers our solution to meet the customer’s needs. Advantages Expandable Panels – Pre-engineered and bolted together onsite to specific requirements are expandable without requiring the purchase of additional tankage

Quality – Water storage solutions using food grade approved sectional panels are assembled onsite in modular and flexible patterns that produce long term reliability. Shipping Ease – Conventional water storage tanks are bulky to ship. CROMAFLOW units are shipped on pallets to save space and to make handling easy. CROMAFLOW’s modular panel water storage tank system is designed and developed for the ever changing and expanding needs of our customers, worldwide. The modular system allows the end user the flexibility of many options to meet their storage needs. Whether a government installation in the Middle East, or a high-end resort in Barbados, our high-quality water storage system will meet your needs.